Arabia Mountain is, in our humble opinion, the best-kept secret in DeKalb County. While we should keep this secret to ourselves in order to continue to enjoy the area as our personal playground, we feel compelled to share and invite everyone to see for themselves how magical this little corner of the county really is.


Our first visit to Davidson-Arabia was in April 2010, after we had been living in DeKalb County for over a decade! Though we returned to hike a few times over the next few years, it wasn’t until we moved to Decatur, put the kids in school, got organized, and adopted a dog that Gwyneth started to visit on a weekly basis. For months, we took the same Forest/Mile Rock Trail again and again. Phelix found his happiest of happy places right off the trail, now named “Phelix’s Glade”.

Eventually, we explored the other trails in the park and nearby, and even walked much of the PATH near Davidson Arabia. Gwyneth loves being at Arabia so much that when she spotted the a for sale sign on the property adjacent to Phelix’s Glade, she “moved mountains” to purchase it.

This website is her love letter to Arabia and the joy it brings.

Tiny House

Gwyneth has long been fascinated by the idea of living in a “tiny house”. There have been thoughts of a houseboat. An RV. Evie, our VW pop-up, was far too small four our family of four for more than our 5 week cross-country trip. But small spaces have their benefits.

In 2011, we downsized from a large house in Pine Lake to a two-bedroom apartment in Decatur. We also went from having three cars to having one.

With the purchase of our Arabia property, Gwyneth has dreams of building a “tiny house” on the lot. Unfortunately, the zoning (R-100) prohibits a house smaller than 2000 square feet. And a 2000sq ft house is not of any interest for us, not does it fit in with the location of the lot. On the trail such as it is, a much smaller house is what will work with the land, much of which is floodplain and visible from the park.

So the hope is to develop a plan and obtain a variance….

Follow our progress on our timeline.


The history of the region is long and varied.

Gwyneth has just started to investigate the stories of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.

More historical information is available on the Arabia Alliance website.

Interesting places include:

  • Flat Rock
  • The Abbey
  • Vaughter’s Farm
  • Wilburn Farm